Athleisure Poster Boy: A RedEdit Guide To Men’s Athleisure Style

Athleisure sits squarely in between form and function. On one hand, athleisure ensembles: comfort, easiness to wear/ pull off, innovative, breathable fabrics all define the style. So if comfort and style is your thing or you’re looking to get out of starched shirts and pants for a while, look no further.

Here are a few must haves for a man’s athleisure look

1. Sweat pants:

Pyrite Slim Fit Jogger Pants

These are meant to be worn as track pants. Nowadays these are worn as night wear as well. You can wear them daily for exercising, going to bed or just lounging at home on a free day. Although Karl Lagerfeld once regarded sweatpants as “a sign of defeat.” but in recent years, this slouchy style tells a different tale: if you want to go casual while looking comfortable and stylish, you can’t go wrong with sweats. TIP: Pair your joggers with a button-up shirt (unbuttoned at the collar)

2. Hoodies:

23 Engineered Double Knit Hoodie
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The hooded sweatshirt is an utilitarian garment with it’s different styles and pockets. They are comfort wears and can be worn in a variety of ways. Ruining a hoodie look takes a lot of effort, they’re easy to incorporate into the everyday look. Alternatively, hoodies can be worn in place of shirts, multifunctional! TIP: Pair your hoodies with a snug fitting jean and sneakers.

3. Sweatshirts:

Solid Crewneck Sweatshirt

These are basically hoodies without the hood! Sweatshirts are comfortable to wear but can be less impressive when worn with matching sweatpants, unless of course you’re headed to the gym. We recommend wearing them with a pair of chinos or denims and a clean pair of sneakers, for a functional, comfortable look.

4. Sneakers:

If you’re trying the athleisure look, your shoe game has to be on point! We’re talking converse, high tops, running trainers! You can combine whatever look you’re going for with these; if you like it, go for it! You can hardly go wrong with white sneakers though, so if you decide to go “athleisurely formal” by wearing a tailored suit, your shoe game would still be on point!

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