Tattoo Fashion: What to do Before You Get A Tattoo

Whether you love tattoos or not, tattoos are a big deal, and it is part of the art of fashion. Today, we will share our favorite tattoo looks and some tips you should consider before getting a tattoo done. Before you get a tattoo, these are things to consider:

1) Research:

Don’t take these lightly. Research your skin type, ask questions, get your answers from professionals and people who have had their skin marked before. Be sure of who you surrender your skin to. You don’t want a butterfly tattoo and then what you would see is a moon when the artist is done. There are many lousy tattoo scenarios of what I order Vs. what I got. Nobody wants that. You can’t bear all that pain and not be satisfied after the tattoo has been done.

2) How safe is this for you?

Take a tattoo to be liposuction or a severe life surgery because it is serious. So consider these questions. Is the artist you are using licensed? Have they done things like this before? How efficient are his tools? Does the artist sterilize his instruments and take health importantly? You need to know all of these things because you don’t want any diseases or complications from getting a tattoo.

3) What you want to get a tattoo:

Be careful what you put on your body. There are so many signs that have deeper meanings. So you don’t want to get a tattoo on a drunk night; you need to be intentional about it.

4) Be Prepared:

Are you sure you are mentally prepared for this? Bear in mind that getting a tattoo is a painful process, and if you want to take it off, it would be worse and involve more pain. So ask yourself why you are doing this and if it is truly necessary. Not that you are overthinking it but being certain is better than having to endure regrets. You can start with hidden areas to test if it is really for you or what you want. For example, it is unwise to have a boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s name on your neck. If there’s a breakup, you have to explain to people why “John or Jane” is written on your neck till it’s taken off.

5) Aftercare:

After getting the tattoo done, that is not all, as you need to take proper care so it heals. You may also need regular touch-ups in the future. The question now is, are you ready for this sort of commitment? If you aren’t, there are temporary tattoos such as henna that you could try out.

Now you know if you want a tattoo, these are our favorite tattooed beauties:

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