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These 2020 Make-up Trends Will Be Everywhere Once The Lockdown Is Over

Talking about 2020, we can agree it has taken its toll on everyone, and one thing that has uplifted my mood is experimenting with makeup. Trying out new colors and looks for the gram has been refreshing and, going by what I have seen pop up on the gram, bright, uplifting colors is all the rave because not only is it summer but, it’s invigorating to see especially in these times. It’s been fun to see how beauty bloggers, gurus, and makeup artists have taken advantage of the extra free time to share more creative videos and trust us to single out the trends.

So, I have rounded up a few 2020 makeup trends that are worth trying now and for when the lockdown is entirely over. Prepare to learn them guys because they are and will be everywhere, I assure you!

  1. Lower Eyeliner Makeup Trend.
via Instagram @brittsully

Eyeshadows have had all the glamour and attention all along. But I bet you didn’t figure out that giving your lower eyeliner equal attention would be so much fun. Using the same shade of color as your eye shadow or a tone lighter would make it pop.

2. The Pink Blush Highlighter Makeup Trend.

Applying pink blush only on your cheekbones is fine but, why stop there? Go a little further by extending to your temples, and underneath brow bones as a subtle highlighter then, smudge an actual highlighter gently over to give you a porcelain finish. This 2020 makeup trend will leave you looking like a doll.

3. The Pastel Eyeshadow Makeup Trend.

Over smokey eyeshadows? This 2020 makeup trend– the pastel lids is soft, mildly imprinted but noticeable. The goal is attraction and attention. You don’t have to stick to one color. Choose different colors for your inner corner, center, and outer corner of your lid. You will end up with a sultry pastel spectrum seen here on Efe Irele.

4. The Neon Eyeliner Makeup Trend.

You will see more of neon-colored eyeliners in your feed like this neon orange and blue color. This 2020 makeup trend is a smart way to add color to your eyes without using a colored eyeshadow. Give off major pop star vibes without breaking the bank.

5. The Nude Lips Makeup Trend.

Nude lips most-times do the magic. You don’t have to get stuck with the right lip gloss color to match your outfit. Even if you get stressed during the day’s course and your lips get smeared, reapplying doesn’t become an issue. The nude lip makeup trend is just as natural as your lip color. Just a little beauty enhancement and is 2020 makeup trend certified!

6. The Red Smokey Eye Makeup Trend.

A little different from the classic black smokey eye but still the same beautiful effect. Dry run a red smokey eye color at home now to spice up your Instagram feed or for when you able to attend events.

7. The Well-Structured Brow Makeup Trend.

Who would have thought we would see the end to the unkempt brows trend! This 2020, the makeup trend for brows is more polished and defined. Finely keep hairs in place by use of a clear brow gel.

8. The Bold Red Lip Makeup Trend.


A smeared bold red lip never fades. You command power in an alluring and seductive way like Lilly Afe does here. Research has it that ladies who always flaunt bright red, are never thrown in the dark. And if you want your red lip to stay longer, opt for a matte lipstick.

Which ones are you trying out first?

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