Eating the Devil’s Pie 4

“Hello” I yawned into the phone
“Kachi I didn’t see you in the club last night” it was my friend Tessy.
“Oh Tess I went to bed early besides I have headache” I muttered, my eyes still closed. Since Ejike died, Razzle club had been an escape from my reality but recently the loud music and noises had been a torture.

“I hope to see you this night, would like to introduce you to someone” she said abruptly and dropped the call.

“Okay, I wondered how I ever became friends with a girl like Tessy, she was insensitive with one’s predicament, a trait conceived by selfishness. I knew it would probably be one old wealthy man who would have paid her to meet one of her friends.

I got up from the bed and made for the bathroom to brush my teeth. I decided to make a call to the office and take permission for absence.I dialed my direct boss Mr John and told him I wouldn’t be in the office that I had an emergency health crisis. He obliged me and advised I took proper care of myself. I wondered what I meant by emergency health crisis and what Mr John would think. Some lies were just glaring. I wished I had simply told him I was sick. Working in Brentwood advertising was a dream come true. I had always dreamt of working in an advertising agency. Ejike pressed some buttons with his connections to get me the job as H.R in Brentwood. I was just handed an appointment letter and I resumed work. His connection got me to serve in Porthacourt to be close to him, he was scared he would lose me to someone else if I was posted to another state and I was terrified he would start sleeping with his wife my sister. That was a nightmare I never tried to envisage.
He would always visit and we made love every day at every corner of my house, i consciously made sure to leave marks on his back as a sign of our mating. While he was on top of me pounding gently, I would wreath underneath receiving every stroke with soft moans holding on to him tight while I whispered sweet nothings to his ears and scratched his back. Oftentimes he would sleep over and go to work from my house. We traveled on holidays to Dubai and United Kingdom, most times i would go with him to Abuja for his business meetings and we would lodge in a luxurious hotel, feasting on luxurious food and drinking wine that I couldn’t pronounce the names. We planned our future together, he would divorce Chidalu and still provide for her and their two kids while we would start our lives in United Kingdom, he owned series of businesses which included oil and gas industry and logistics company. I had already started picking baby names. My happiness was paramount after all, all is fair in love and war.

Then I became pregnant again, I had woken up one morning with slight fever and headache. I took malaria drugs and the fever persisted. I checked the calendar and my period was late. My jaw tightened and my heart thumped. My fear was soon conquered by hope. We were planning our lives together so having a baby wasn’t a bad idea. It was in our hotel room in Hero Maitama Abuja that I told him I was with a child, he had gone for a business meeting and came back in the evening excited, his face glowed and his eyes glistened. He swooped me up from the bed and spinned us around. I held him in warm embrace, happy that he was happy. That was the perfect moment to let him in on our expectation.
“Baby” I said looking at him intently
“Yes love” he replied fiddling with his phone
“I am pregnant” I blurted out, I wanted to get it over and done with.
His eyes were still glued to his phone, his jaw tightened.
“So have you booked an appointment with the doctor?” He said dismissively.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My heart ached and i opened my eyes clouded with tears. He couldn’t be suggesting an abortion.
“You are not expecting to have that thing” he said stiffly.
“Do you realize that I am three months gone?” I whispered, my strength failing me and tears smoothly flowing.
“Baby we can’t afford to risk everything, not now. I expected you to take proper care of yourself. You have to get rid of it”. He thundered.

Then he came to me, held my hands and kissed my forehead. “All I want is the best for us, we can have plenty kids when we relocate and I promise to take good care of you. I will take you to a hospital in the morning where you will get rid of that thing” he cajoled.
Already tired and downcast, I nodded besides he was the captain of the ship and I couldn’t afford to lose him. He slowly undressed me and lay me on the bed, kissed me sensually while he fingered me. Then he made passionate love to me telling me he loved me with each stroke and I moaned so loud I thought the hotel management would knock on our door. We climaxed together and he held me and cooed me to sleep.
Early the next morning, he drove me to a hospital in Wuse where I submitted myself under the knife of the worried looking doctor and watched my baby torn out of my body. Then I started bleeding profusely, I was getting weaker and unable to speak while I watched the panic striffen doctor and his nurses running helter skelter then my eyes closed.
I woke up few hours later with Ejike sitting besides my bed and holding my hands. Deep horizontal lines creased his forehead and he rushed to get the doctor. When the doctor entered, he asked how I felt, after running some tests. He said I was okay but he would like to have a word with me in his office. My heart shattered a thousand times when he told me that my uterus was removed due to incessant bleeding. He said removing my uterus was the only way of saving my life.

“Does that I mean I wouldn’t be able to conceive again” I asked the doctor. “Yes” he replied.

That day we got back to the hotel, and Ejike tried to pacify me.

“It’s okay if you couldn’t have a child after all we will definitely be married and we can adopt as many babies as you desire”

I tried to cry but tears was elusive. I lay down and dozed off to sleep with wealth of hope that when I woke up, it would be just a nightmare. I woke up in the middle of the night and Ejike was sleeping beside me snoring. I looked at him, overwhelmed by the love I felt for him, I couldn’t blame him for my ordeal. His phone beeped, and I decided to spy a little and took his phone. Then I opened his message log and saw a message sent to him by his wife that the doctor said her pregnancy was at risk and that she needed him to come home and be by her side.

My sister couldn’t be pregnant, Ejike had assured me that he hadn’t been intimate with her since we met. How could she be pregnant while I just lost my womb. Fresh tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t reconcile the deceit and lies. What would happen to me when he leaves to be beside Chidalu. I cried and tossed and turned on the bed till morning.

“You had no right to go through my phone” he said when I confronted him in the morning. Was that all he could say, I thought. “Stop throwing tantrums and pack let’s leave, we have to get back to Porthacourt before evening”.

We were silent through out our flight to Porthacourt. I had lost everything and this man sitting beside me had no concerns for me. He had no iota of remorse and I had played myself. I decided to kill him. When we landed in Porthacourt, Ejike went home straight from the airport and i entered an Uber which took me home. He stopped picking my calls and when he picked he said he was busy and never returned my calls.

I called him on a Saturday and cried on the phone that I needed his help urgently and pleaded he comes to my house. Twenty minutes later he was in my house. I laughed and told him that I missed him badly and would love to make love to him. I knelt down and took him in my mouth, then I got up and undressed him slowly, took him to the bed, climbed on him and rode him for hours. We cuddled and slept off. When we woke up, I offered him a glass of red wine. Later when he dressed to leave, he kissed me goodbye and promised to visit the next day. I smiled and shut the door and happy he would die in his house.

My phone rang and it was my sister, “Kachi I need to see you” her voice devoid of emotions. “I will see you in an hour” I replied. Glad she finally wanted to talk about her late husband, yet afraid of her.

To be continued……

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