How To Wear Body Makeup: Beginner’s Tips

Wearing body makeup is fast becoming a norm in beauty industry. This article would give you details on how-to apply makeup to your body as a beginner.

1) Prep Your Skin

If you have scaly skin with dead cells, it is smart not to apply anything on it, until you have exfoliated, cleansed, and made sure that the area of your skin is clean. The same way you would prep your face when wearing facial makeup is the same way you should prep your skin. 

2)  Pick the Product

If you would be wearing makeup on your body, it would be smart to pick products that are matte and non-transferrable.

3) Match Your Skin

It’s no science that when it comes to makeup, you have to pick your shade. A brown skin girl won’t be wearing the same products with a full-on English genes girl. You don’t want to be looking like a ghost or molded clay. So make sure whatever makeup products you pick, matches the shade of your skin.

4) Blend 

You don’t want to look like you are a rookie with body makeup even when you are. The goal is to blend your products seamlessly so it matches your skin. You can start with a little amount of makeup and add more if needed as you blend.

5) Stay away from White if you can

It’s that easy. Prevention is better than cure. However, if you are confident nothing is going to happen , because Kim Kardashian wears white all the time with body makeup. Not to burst your bubble but remember Kim K’s glam team are professionals and you are just beginning. Baby steps till you are a pro.

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