Creative Spotlight With Remy Presents

Ore Remilekun (RemyPresents) is a self-taught Nigerian beauty/makeup artist based in Lagos. She is currently studying Civil Engineering at the University of Lagos.

In this episode of Creative Spotlight, she speaks to us about her inspiration/s as well as challenges in the beauty world. Get in.

Hi, kindly introduce yourself, your brand and share a little about your background

Hello, my name is Ore Remilekun, I’m a make up artist and an aspiring beauty influencer. I’m 20 and in my 3rd year in uni.

How did you begin a career in the world of beauty?

As a child I never really liked makeup, even the thought of using lipgloss disgusted me but as I grew more conscious of myself I started to love it more, mostly because I used to see my sister use it and I’d be wowed.
I never really thought of it as a “career”, for me it was just all about doing what I loved sure the money part came up later but that wasn’t my intention but I really don’t mind having It as a career and being successful in it.


I’m passionate about it because I love it and I think automatically you become passionate about what you love. I just love the idea of makeup, the simplicity, and the complexity, I love the fact that I can create something great like a masterpiece on my face which is more like a canvas for me.
I stay up to date with Instagram. I’m always on Instagram. The beauty industry is really fast-paced so not only do I create beauty videos but I also watch a ton of them.


Your fave look you’ve created? (Please share a picture)

Definitely the rainbow look I created last year for pride month. It also took the longest to complete as easy as it looks.

3 things you consider when creating a look?

I Don’t think too much about it I just do it. I know a lot of makeup artists plan their looks but I haven’t gotten used to that yet so I just do it as it comes cos if I think too much about it I’ll most likely mess it up.

Brands and make-up artists that inspire you?

A brand that inspires me is fenty beauty
And a lot of make up artists inspire me a few are naezrahlooks, Raggedyroyale, gngmakeupartistry, bibyonce, tailormadejane, beatbydebs, kvn.luong, ariykemua, Grace Lloyd, revysbeauty

What is the one product you can’t work without?

Definitely blush. I go crazy for blush.

One make-up artist you’d love to work with? And one face you’d love to beat?

Hmm most likely bibyonce and I’d like to make Jemima Osunde up. I love her so much and she’s so beautiful.

As a young creative, what are the challenges you face pushing your brand and how do you stay motivated?

Wow, this question is huge. First, as an aspiring beauty influencer, the Instagram algorithm is really against you so the chance that you will be noticed is really slim but as long as you have good content it will definitely come
Two, as an aspiring make-up artist some people will downgrade you and make you feel so bad like those up top didn’t start from somewhere and it’s extremely sad. So many people tryna tell me what to do with my art cos they feel I’m upcoming and I don’t know what’s up and like they have a say in my affairs.

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What would you say, being a make-up artist has helped you achieve?

Focus. Make up really helps me focus and it’s something I do repeatedly so now I have mastered it.

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a Makeup Artist?

Honestly I feel people differ so I don’t speak for all. But I feel that as a make up artist your imaginations should run wild and endless cos I believe that as long as you can think it you can do it.

What are some common make-up mistakes that women make?

Mismatching their foundation shade

What is the most important make-up advice you can give to women?

Less is more. In any thing makeup wise less is more. Little foundation goes a long way, little concealer goes a long way. Its a trick I only learnt recently myself.

How do you perceive the African beauty industry especially Nigeria in the next 5years? Where do you see yourself?

The African beauty industry is definitely growing so well I feel in 5years time we should already have brands that can compete with international standards infact we already do . Nuban beauty for example.

Can you give us a beauty tip?

Moisturizers should be your best friend. Makeup or not.

Follow Remy on Instagram: @remypresents

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