African Fashion Foundation (AFF), a non-governmental organisation that empowers fashion designers and creative professionals from Africa and its diaspora to succeed in the global fashion industry will be presenting Orange Culture at the S/S 22 Lagos Fashion Week showcase. 

Collaboration and cultivation remain at the  the core of AFF’s values, equipping individuals and companies in the creative industries in Africa to reach their full potential and inspire diversity in the global luxury and creative market. It is in this same vein, AFF conceived The Ambassadors Collective and will be supporting Orange Culture’s S/S 22 showcase at Lagos Fashion Week. 

Founded in 2011, by self-taught Lagos-based designer, Adebayo Oke-Lawal has pushed his brand forward to become one of Nigerian fashion’s biggest names. The brand has garnerned international acclaim for its androgynous style and willingness to push boundaries with pieces sustainably manufactured in Lagos, from ethically-sourced local fabrics.

orange culture
Adebayo Oke-Lawal

“We are excited to support Orange Culture, one of the brands we are working with for The Ambassadors Collective, at their  showcase at Lagos Fashion Week. For us, it’s important that we remain a vehicle that empowers creatives, it is for this reason #AFFPresents was established, an initiative that allows us to support creatives with grants, sponsorship, resources, and mentorship” – Onyinye Fafi Obi, Project Director – African Fashion Foundation.

Under the #AFFPresents umbrella, AFF plans to roll out more collaborations and activations with African Creatives in the coming months.


“This is  a significant time for us as a brand, our first show post-Covid as well as our first offsite showcase, glad to have institutions like AFF supporting Orange Culture” – Adebayo Oke-Lawal  

Highlighting political campaigns through fashion activism, Orange Culture S/S 22 collection incorporates colour, texture and patterns to bring to the foreground the different groups of people that rallied together to fight for arguably the most important cause of 2020; ENDSARS.

By playing on the stereotypical narrative that identifies us as a people, Orange Culture aims to tell a story about the beauty in the stereotypes placed on the youth. 

AFF is proud to present Orange Culture’s S/S22 collection,  The Peacock Riot;  A symbiotic balance between the crazy and the calm.

The Orange Culture show will be held during Lagos Fashion Week on Thursday 28th October, 2021. 

Since inception, AFF has impacted over 300 lives, spearheaded over 15 initiatives, and has dispersed over 1 million dollars in grants. 

To find out more about the African Fashion Foundation, visit the official website 

For more on Orange Culture, visit the official website, 

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