Yetty Ogunnubi Speaks On Partnership With Africa Expo 2022

With over 17 years experience in PR and brand management space, the multi-award winning consultant, Yetunde Ogunnubi fondly called ‘Yetty’ is a lead publicist at YD Limited. A leading professional in the fashion, arts and corporate industry with experience spanning fashion, PR, marketing, reative image branding and event management. Over the years, Yetty has managed publicity projects for corporate businesses, governments, as well as led fashion and creative events, press conferences,
promoted emerging and established labels and creatives.

Below, Yetty further discusses her partnership with the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry and MyEvents International. And the vision of Africa Expo 2022 to create an avenue for African brands to upscale and expand their market shares within Africa and Asia.

Kindly Introduce Yourself

Answer: I am Yetty Ogunnubi, the CEO of YD Limited. I am equally a multi-award winning consultant and currently the lead publicist at The YD Company. Not only that, but I have extensive professional experience in fashion, arts, corporate industries, marketing, creative image branding, and event management. Over the years, I have managed publicity projects for startups and corporate businesses, personalities as well as led fashion and creative events, press conferences, and also promoted emerging and established labels and creatives.

How long have you been in PR Business?

Answer: I have over 19 years of experience in the PR and brand management space; I am not even batting an eye or slowing down anytime soon.

How do you deal with a PR crisis?

Answer: Every business, at one point or the other, will have PR crisis. The way you respond to the situation and manage it can give your brand a good public image or a bad reputation, causing clients and business partners to abandon your brand. In effectively dealing with PR crisis, we take full responsibility of the situation as any attempt to cover up the case may only worsen it. We are equally proactive, transparent, and accountable all through the period, as well as probe the crisis further in order to give the public a true account of events and tendering public apology where necessary.

Where does your agency see the PR industry going?

Answer: The YD Company (formerly YD Agency) sees the PR industry making giant leaps in the coming few years as the demand for PR and external communications keeps growing incessantly. The workplace culture is changing, businesses and organizations are adapting to the PR industry as they cannot manage all communications by themselves. So yes, the PR industry is growing exponentially.

We are aware of your partnership with MyEvents International and the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) at the Africa Expo 2022. Please kindly share with us more information.

Answer: The AFRICA EXPO 2022 is an event that encompasses a complete showcase of the various sectors from more than 28 countries from Africa to participate and more than 30 countries from Asia dedicated to the local and international industry stakeholders to explore the business opportunities and to learn the latest needs of the world today.

How do you feel being a partner to this event?

Answer: It feels like a bucket full of glory pouring on me… absolutely! Being a part of an event as big as this is definitely a prodigious achievement for all of us at The YD Company. We say a big thank you to our Malaysian counterpart MyEvents International for bringing us on board, not to mention the numerous opportunities it would afford the participant in showcasing their brands on the international platform and the networking that comes with it. The governments of the countries are looking up to a new market that would create more employment, add to the GDPs and usher in new business moguls. You won’t believe the quantitative and qualitative promises of the Africa Expo.

How do African Businesses benefit from this event?

Answer: There are a lot of offerings in the pipeline. You can only think about it considering different sectors of the creatives and brands that would be showcased at the event. The fashion, panel sessions, conference. The EXPO provides the platform for many brands from Africa to expand their market share in Asia. It will focus on bilateral trade between the two continents embarking towards the opening to their emerging economies.

What should we expect from The YD company in the near future?

Answer: As the communications and PR industry is growing and becoming more sophisticated and demanding, all of us at The YD Company are equally scaling up our skills and expertise. In the near future, the YD Company envisions to be the leading hybrid PR and communications company in the heart of Nigeria and beyond.

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