Justice Served (2022) Review


Justice served is a South African original TV series on Netflix. It is a six-episode fast-paced but explosive series. It began streaming on Netflix on July 29, 2022.

Justice Served Official Trailer.

The series is about an army veteran who killed a man. Having been on trial all the while, the day of the final verdict broke unexpected occurrences. A group of people called the Numooris invaded the courtroom, ready to take laws into their own hands. They are freedom fighters and are determined to allow the people to decide what the verdict would be.  The leader and commander of the group is Azania Maqoma (played by Hlomla Dandala)

Numooris. Imdb.

Maqoma. Netflix

Maqoma gives the people the opportunity to vote within a particular time. Their votes will determine how justice would be served. The twist comes when some General takes over the case, following orders from top government officials. It gets more twisted when the result of the live votes turns out to be unexpected.

Justice served reveals the height of racism in present South Africa. The corruption of the government that is supposed to protect the citizens and their interests was also x-rayed. Furthermore, we see the effects of betrayal.

The series highlights the challenges faced by society and explores the different ways people can contribute to making society better. 

Verdict on Justice served

Irrespective of the excitement that comes with watching the series, Justice Served feels too rushed. It left certain questions unanswered and even raised new questions in the process. Some characters were not well represented and a little tweak here and there would make it more explosive.

Overall it deserves a 3.5/5 rating.

You can watch the complete series on Netflix.

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