5 Nigerian Female Celebs With The Best Signature Hairstyles

We all want to have something unique that screams out our name when seen. Our own Signature Style.

It might be your voice, the way you talk, your dress sense, your everyday color, a distinctive character, or even the way you walk. 

For everyone, it is entirely different.

Whilst most people do not have an obvious feature that differentiates them, some others do. 

Well, here are 5 Female Nigerian Artists, thriving with a signature hairstyle. 

1. Asa

Bukola Elemide, professionally known as Aṣa is known for her signature mid length Locs. 

Asas Signature Hairstyle
Asa – Instagram

2.  Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda is a well-known feminist, known for her passionate writings.  Her signature natural hairstyle, stands out for her in every place. 

Chimamanda- Signature Hairstyle
Chimamanda -Instagram

3. Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime is a role model to many Nigerian ladies. From her fitness journey, work ethic, and down to her signature hairstyle. The female actress on a blonde low cut.  

Nancy Isime- Signature Hairstyles
Nancy Isime- Instagram

4. Kate Henshaw

Popular movie producer and actress Kate, is one of the personalities known for her flourishing natural hair,skin and body.


Katehenshaw -Instagram

5. Ty Bello

Toyin Sokefun-Bello also called TY Bello.  She is a songwriter with an afro natural look.

Is that her hair?. We do not know. But we are totally in love with ever natural look. 

TY Bello- Instagram


We hope these Nigerian women give you the best inspiration to embrace your unique style.

Regardless of society’s standards. 


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