Ludik (Starring Arnold Vosloo) – A Review


Ludik seems to be the Afrikaans version of Ray Donovan based on its description. It is the very first drama series on Netflix produced in Afrikaans, a sure encouragement to the local movie industry in Africa. The drama is a six-episode, straight-to-the-point entertainment. It hardly deviates this way or that in any bid to deliver its intents. Furthermore, because you can hardly find outstanding local actors, starring Arnold Vosloo gave the drama a big boost. Now let’s get to the drama itself.

In this drama, Daan Ludik is a ‘successful’ entrepreneur who managed to build an empire from his furniture business. However, this is not the exact situation. We find out later that beyond the furniture business, Ludik was a criminal. He smuggled diamonds, but he managed to stay hidden for a long time. In fact, he was also a ‘family man.

His ‘peaceful businesses’ were doing just fine until a mafia found out that his hands were not clean. The mafia kidnaps a member of the family, keeping Ludik very busy trying to protect his family, his name, his business, and everything in between. He was forced by the mafia into using his business for more criminal activities. Expectedly, Ludik still sought ways to grow his business with all the crime he got into

Ludik may not be one of the dramas we tag ‘must watch’, nevertheless, it might interest many people. If you enjoy double-crossing, bloodshed, crime, etc., well, you might enjoy this drama. However, if you are like most of us that would rather see something else, then best of luck if you watch past the second episode.


Verdict on Ludik

Arguably, we sound biased already. That’s not what it is. The expertise involved in writing and producing this drama cannot be underestimated. The intelligence shines through clearly. Ludik is a drama that makes little effort to capture many audiences at once. We would still give it a 4.5 out of 10 stars.


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