What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics For Women?


Probiotics are good for everyone when taken in the right amount. According to Cristy Dean, dietician and gut health specialist at Fettle and Bloom, “Probiotics are a combination of live beneficial bacteria, or yeast, that are native to our gut microbiome”. She further stated that probiotics keep us healthy and well, and can help to maintain the balance of bacteria which can get out of sync due to ill health and disease.

While these probiotics do a great deal of protective work in male and female bodies alike, women have so much to gain. The benefits vary though, depending on the probiotic constituents and the health condition of the person consuming them. Let us see some of the benefits of probiotics for women.

Benefits of Probiotics for Women

Great Gut Health

A lot of bacteria can be found in the gut. Some of them are good and some are ‘evil’. These two groups of bacteria are often at loggerheads. If the bad guys win, then the body sees an increased exposure to diseases. Probiotics taken constantly increase the number of good bacteria in the gut, or at least, keep the balance.

Mood Management

Now, when we have more of the good bacteria in the gut, our mental health sees some improvement. This happens because the bacteria mimic the hormones in the body and trigger some part of the brain that controls how we feel. If the good bacteria is at optimum levels, our mood is better, else, bad mood sets in.

Vaginal Health

There are bacteria that live in the vagina and they must always be in the right amounts. If the bacteria is too much or not enough, the imbalance causes some vaginal infections like candidiasis. The imbalance of bacteria also makes it easier to pick up some sexually transmitted infections. Probiotics taken orally and frequently help to maintain the balance of bacteria in the vagina. We won’t forget to mention that a healthy vagina means a healthy gut for a newborn baby. Obviously, pregnant women need probiotics

Improved Digestion

Probiotics make it easier for women to digest food. It is even better during pregnancy when the female hormones take their toll on the overall digestive process.

Finally, probiotics help women to have better and improved sleep as well as healthier skin.

How To Get Probiotics

Probiotics can be gotten from fermented meals. For instance, in Africa, some cereal foods are made out of fermented cereals like maize, millet, and guinea corn. There are also other fermented meals like kimchi and pickles. Greek yogurt or any other yogurt made with live culture are also great sources. It is worth noting though, that moderation and consistency are the best virtues in our daily living.

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