AY Shares Story Surrounding His Fallout With BasketMouth

Following a Question and answer section, Nigerian Comedian AY shared on his Instagram stories a few months ago. 

The host of the popular show #WithChude, asked that he share a detailed story consigning his fallout with his fellow comedian, Basket mouth, which he did.

As predicted, this was more of a professional fallout first, before a personal one. 

Ay acknowledged Basket mouth had been a great help to him, in his early stage as a comedian,

But it also led to this cutting ties, after he delayed paying him for a show, and was dishonest about his reason.

The host of the #withchude show earlier mentioned that their fallout was due to “superiority complex”, and AY’s story did not contradict that in any way.

“He made a promise not ever to cross paths either personally, or in a career with me”, Ay shared.

From the story shared, the two adults must have grown up from the mindset that led to their fallout. But will they be willing to let it all go? And become great friends again? We can’t say.

In this interview, the comedian shared personal details of his life, with his wife, friendships, career, and how he plans to manage negative comments from trolls on social media. 

Watch the full interview video here.

Listen to the podcast of this interview here.

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