Five Books To Read This ‘2020’ Summer By Bill Gates

If you are a general reader or summer fashion reader: basking in the sun, holding a book by the beach, or pool, and you need what to add to your collection. These books are recommended by Bill Gates. I mean who else would you receive book recommendations from than a billionaire? 

1) “The Choice” by Edith Eva Eger

This Choice was recommended to Bill Gates by his wife Melinda. This New York Times bestseller is a memoir by Edith Eger, now a professional therapist. In this book, Edith talks about being sent to the death camp at Auschwitz when she was sixteen. 

According to Gates, “If you’re struggling with something, that struggle is real — even if you think your experience feels trivial compared to the experience of someone who survived Auschwitz or someone whose child is suffering from a terrible disease,” writes Gates. “I think this is an especially important thing to keep in mind right now while everyone has different experiences with the Covid-19 outbreak.”

You can read Bill Gates Review of “The Choice” below:

2) “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell

According to Bill Gates, is “a touching and very clever story about moral choices, It explores how self-centered and bad people can be, but also how supportive and good people can be.”

The structure of this 2004 prize-winning novel is unusual as it loops together six interrelated stories set in different times and places, which can get confusing at times. That’s why Gates advises reading it at the same time as a friend or family member: “It’s the kind of book you’ll want to discuss with someone else. I’m sure that I didn’t catch everything going on — reading it is a bit like putting together a puzzle.” Gates say.

You can read Gates Review of “Cloud Atlas.” below:

3) “The Ride of a Lifetime” by Robert Iger

According to Gates, this 2019 memoir by former Disney CEO Bob Iger is “one of the best business books I’ve read in several years.”

Iger, who took over the company in 2005 and retired in 2020, “does a terrific job explaining what it’s really like to be the CEO of a large company,” says Gates. “Whether you’re looking for business insights or just an entertaining read, I think anyone would enjoy his stories about overseeing Disney during one of the most transformative times in its history.”

You can read Gates Review of “The Ride of a Lifetime.”  below:

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4) “The Great Influenza” by John M. Barry

In this book, historian John M. Barry of a Flu breakout in 1918 which was one of the deadliest pandemic breakouts in history. If you want to know more about pandemics, this is the book to read. 

According to Gates, “We’re living through an unprecedented time right now. But if you’re looking for historical comparison, the 1918 influenza pandemic is as close as you’re going to get”

You can read Gates Review of “The Great Influenza.” below

5) “Good Economics for Hard Times” by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo

This is the second book for Nobel Prize winners and husband-wife duo Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo. According to Gates, they are “two of the smartest economists working today.” Gates absolutely loved their first book, “Poor Economics,” and is highly recommending the second one.

“Their newest book takes on inequality and political divisions by focusing on policy debates that are at the forefront in wealthy countries like the United States. Just like the couple’s first book, their new one is easily accessible for readers who don’t have a degree in economics.” Gate reviews

You can read Gates Review of “Good Economics for Hard Times.” below

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