A Stylish 62nd Birthday Celebration From  Mr. Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola

Mr. Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola announces a round-the-clock agenda to gift over N100,000,000 worth of perfumes. Is it a marketing strategy or a birthday celebration? We are not entirely sure. But this is the first of its kind.

The entrepreneur and owner of the Seinde Signature Salon de Parfum brand is set to have an unforgettable birthday experience over a span of 365 days. He plans to give out a perfume each day, expecting to share at least 420 bottles before the 7th day of May 2025.

Mr. Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola is the renowned fraghead and cognoscenti behind the Seinde Signature Salon De Parfum brand. With a history of owning over 1,000 perfumes, he decided to give them away. “I started thinking all these perfumes I was wearing perhaps were fetish. So I gave everything away. I think this was in 2005. At that time, I already had over 1,000 perfumes. But between 2007 and 2008, the number of perfumes in my possession increased again,” he said.

His brand, the Seinde Signature brand, is the only Nigerian stockist of more than 45 strictly niche fragrances from across the globe. Mr. Olusola built a perfume studio that is often referred to as a perfume museum for niche perfumes. “My aim is to give classy perfume lovers an experience,” he stated.

Mr. Olufemi obtained a diploma from Yaba Tech, completed his youth service, and then hurried to America to find greener pastures, even though his businesses were flourishing in Nigeria. Realizing that his unique purpose could be materialized in Nigeria, he returned and worked his way to his fondly admired wealthy status.

Mr. Olusola Olufemi is married to Temitope Olusola, whom he often refers to as a great source of strength. He is also a grandfather to a four-year-old, Lolade Olusola.

Born in 1962, he turned 62 years old on the 8th of May. To mark this milestone while anticipating another turn around the clock, the Seind365 agenda was birthed. Although this creates great awareness of his brand, it is also a lasting gesture of love from a person and brand.

Excluding no one, and without any terms and conditions, everyone gets at least a bottle of perfume from him. Mr. Olusola, his story, and this unique deed that aims to last a full year, deserve to be celebrated.

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