Celeb Clinic Spa By VCP Sets Sail On a Wellness Journey Offering Unmatched Luxury And Innovation

Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP, the pioneering medical fitness spa in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted its Grand Opening event on Saturday, March 16th, 2024, representing a significant milestone in transforming the wellness and hospitality scene in Lagos.

Established by Mr Emeka Ofor, the Chairman of Victoria Crown Plaza, Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP is located in the vibrant Victoria Island neighborhood. As the first of its kind in Lagos, this spa is set to transform the wellness landscape of Lagos by providing a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art treatments and services.

With a commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences, Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP boasts a team of certified aestheticians and licensed medical professionals who conform to the statutory regulation of the service they provide.

The Grand Opening event was a special occasion for esteemed guests to personally enjoy the high-quality facilities and services available at Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP.
Guests were also given the opportunity to witness exclusive presentations of the spa’s innovative treatments and non-invasive procedures.

Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP collaborates with prestigious medical institution, Afrimedical Aesthetics by Mikano to offer top-notch wellness solutions with advanced facilities and expert care. This strategic collaboration serves as a testament to Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP’s unwavering commitment to excellence, as well as its relentless pursuit of providing guests access to the most advanced medical technologies and treatments available. “Being the first of its kind in Lagos, our mission at Celeb Clinic Spa is to push the limits of wellness by offering a refined and state-of-the-art service with licensed medical professionals who make consultation and education a priority,” remarked Munachi Ogbonna, COO and Owners Rep, VCP Hotels. “Our Grand Opening is a significant milestone in our mission to establish new standards of excellence in the wellness industry and cater to the changing needs of our clientele.”

The integration of hospitality and medical expertise sets Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP apart, providing a unique opportunity for guests to enhance their well-being while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a luxury hotel stay. This Spa is committed to raising the bar in the wellness industry by focusing on quality, service, and innovation, effectively bridging the gap between medical treatments and serene relaxation getaways.

“I am thrilled to be part of the exciting journey as this grand opening unfolds, signifying a remarkable milestone in the wellness industry. The fusion of luxury hospitality with advanced medical fitness offerings is truly exceptional. As a clinical trainer specialist, I am highly optimistic about the significant possibilities that Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP holds in reshaping the wellness industry in Lagos and its environs. I am eagerly anticipating the positive influence this establishment will have on individuals who are seeking a comprehensive sense of well-being.” said Nancy Chady, Clinical Trainer Specialist.

Celeb Clinic Spa by VCP is your one stop wellness location where you have everything in one that aligns with wellness and hospitality. The entire space speaks healing, calmness, healing.

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