DISCOVER: Andrea Iyamah – Naija Girl on the Global Stage

Andrea Iyamah kicks off the Rededit series, delving into the discovery of Nigerian designers. Highlighting their unique elements and stories.

Andrea Dumebi Iyamah, a 31-year-old Nigerian fashion designer, is the founder of the Andrea Iyamah fashion brand. Which has garnered recognition from notable figures across Africa and around the globe.

Andrea is inspired by her desire to make every woman “feel” before they “wear,”. A sentiment reflected in the simple yet feminine collections and designs of the AI brand.

With a goal to infinitely celebrate African culture and roots, the brand’s swimwear, bridal, and other clothing collections showcase finely toned colors in fabrics, nature-themed swimsuits, crochet pieces, and bags.

Andrea Iyamah

“A lot of our pieces feature draping and ruffles, created with intention to accentuate the curves and bodies of the women who wear them. We aim to celebrate, and the way we use color, particularly dual-tone colors, is part of how we achieve this,” she shared in an interview with Essence.

Andrea spent her early life in Lagos with her parents, Andrew and Onyi Iyamah, who hail from Agbor, Delta State. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from McUniversity, where her fashion dreams began and were supported by her family.

“I will never forget when you gifted me my first mannequin at 14 years old. Walking into the living room downstairs and seeing all the fabric, scissors, and tools needed to unlock my creative potential, you poured belief into me even before I knew which direction to take. You were my first wholesaler, my first model, my first cheerleader, you were my first believer,” Andreah Iyamah shared in an Instagram post celebrating her sister’s birthday.
Andreah Iyamah
Andreah and her sister, Somkele

Beyond her fashion brand, Andrea’s endeavors include Andru Living (a home decoration brand) and Seed Ambition (a platform resourcefully supporting African creative brands). Andrea lives by the silent mantra of “purpose” in every pursuit.

The AI brand has charted its unique path across the globe, featured in publications from Essence to Vogue. With collections worn by notable figures such as Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, Gabrielle Union, Ciara, Issa Rae, and many more. She has proven to be a purpose-driven woman and role model in the Nigerian fashion industry. We eagerly anticipate where her ambitions will take the fashion industry.

“Sometimes I go on holiday and always smile when I see women in our pieces. You know, it is one thing for you to design the pieces. Then it is another thing to see how this is being embraced by women all over the globe. This allows for you to continue to be inspired and see opportunities for further growth,” she told Essence.

Amongst her many life events, Andreah Iyamah recently tied the knot with her lover and friend in Lagos Nigeria. And also got featured in CNN Africa. 

We look forward to where her big dreams takes her to. 

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