The Amazing Woman Series: #WOMENAGAINSTCOVID19

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world as we know it has changed and slowed down drastically. Offices and shops have closed down, and travels have trickled down to a minimal level.

While the world’s best minds are working overtime to find a solution to this virus, we feel obligated to look beyond the current state of things, because when humanity moves ahead of this virus, and we will, many of us will need to hit the ground running.

The world, as always, does not wait for any ‘one man,’ and after the dust settles, there will be an even greater need for we all to be prepared to carry on with our lives and make the best of it. As such, there is a mandate on us all, to not cave to the overwhelming anxiety of this period, but to rise to the challenge and make the best use of this period.

We must learn to live, learn, grow & love now more than ever. 

This realization birthed the online campaign tagged #womenagainstCovid19 and will be pioneered by five extraordinary women.

@anmaybits @bydamistudiosnyc @nkechi.idinmachi @nokwethepoet @the.amazing.woman

#WomenagainstCovid19 is an online campaign, birthed with the aim of inspiring, uplifting, motivating, empowering and teaching women how to not just survive, but to thrive within these trying times.

This campaign is a two-way approach:

1- It will feature online campaigns, broadcast and Q&A sessions designed to teach women on how to take care of themselves, their households, keep up with work commitments and make good use of this time to grow spiritually and intellectually, despite the prevailing pressures.

2- The campaign will involve an outreach targeted at 50 expectant and new mothers, women in low-income families and areas and will supply these women with essential materials that they might need but find it difficult to afford or reach within this period.

As we know, The Amazing Woman is an enterprise dedicated to educate, empower and engage women. 

The Amazing Woman = Everywoman

Join the movement with these hashtags
#WomenAgainstCovid19 #TheAmazingWoman

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