THE DIAMONDS OF THE SEASON: A glimpse into three beautiful Nigerian weddings happening this week!

This year has been one with so many love-binding commitments. Engagements, Introductions and weddings. But this week is one for the diamonds of the season. 

 These three Nigerian weddings all in the same week seem to be topping the charts. 

We had no choice but to call them our Diamonds of the season. 

Join us and take a glimpse into this unique love story that has everyone with a warm heart. 

Andrea Iyamah and Eghosa Nehikhare

    Andrea Iyamah who is a top fashion designer in Nigeria, and the owner of the AI fashion line, tied the knot ceremonially in Mallorca, Spain, with family and very close friends. 

    This is after she announced the engagement on the 13th of January and a grand traditional wedding in Nigeria a month back. 

    Sharon Oja and Nwoke

      The literal Bridgerton princess Sharon Ooja , a movie actor and a social influencer, announced on social media her engagement to an anonymous Odogwu in March.

       Our editors have all looked forward to her ceremonial wedding. And it happened to fall on the 27th of June. 

      With a pleasant surprise of revealing her husband to the public. 

      We are truly happy for her union. With her bright smile always lightening up every room. We know the guests are about to have a spectacular moment. 

      Chioma and Davido Adeleke 

        Chioma and David Adeleke are indeed true diamonds of the season too, supported with the loud Cheering both online and offline. We are pleased to have them on this list. 

        In addition to their ceremony,  the groom, David, released a remix of the song “Ogechi”, replacing the name with that of his bride Chioma. 

        We seem to see a great chemistry between these two. And we look forward to the beautiful future unfolding for them

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