Tyler Perry’s Mea Culpa – Movie Review 

Tyler Perry’s new Netflix movie Mea Culpa, has caused quite a rage on the internet. With reviews saying it was poor, coming from Tyler Perry to reviews that implies it has been an interesting watch. 

We just had to see this movie, to get rushing with our review. This movie features Kelly Rowland who is the star actor. 

This is the story of a murder defense attorney who agreed to defend a seductive artist Zyiar out of compassion. First with a motive of empathy, paying her bills, and trying to go against her husband’s family who truly despised her. When passion and strong desire came into the supposedly official relationship between her and her client, also attached to her nearly failed marriage. She fell for her client’s love spell (not literally). We may call it that. 

Well, The twist comes when she pulled out of the case due to the sexual relationship with her client and went on a vacation. Which leads her to see the allegedly murdered victim. It was all a framed story. Before we get ahead. It’s a good place to chip in that this artist was framed for murder due to his toxic relationships with ladies. 

Bold of Mea to assume she had been smitten by love. The movie ends with a complicated plot- Meas’ husband Carl, his brother. and his mum from the beginning had set up Zyair. To pay revenge for her sister and the artist Zyair, who cheated on Carl’s Brother. It was a sexual movie, filled with thrill and a lot of twists. 

But our editors will be giving it a 7/10 rating. The seductive artist’s story just didn’t add up, how he could seduce women so easily. How controlling he was with his defense attorney and some little flops in the storyline too. 

But it is a good movie to see. Tyler Perry’s movie also stars Trevante Rhodes, Sean Sagar, Nick Sagar, and RonReaco Lee. 

Go see this movie and tell us what you think.

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