‘Wahala’ By Nikki May


Wahala is a novel written by Nikki May, an Anglo-Nigerian as a debut book. A lot of people who have read the book agree that there is a lot to learn from the novel about African culture, racism, and friendship. In this article, we will summarize the many reviews written by other people. We aim this summary review at helping you decide if the novel is a good read. 

Wahala is a Nigerian word that means ‘trouble’. This novel is a short, pungent, in-your-face kind of story – a tale of trouble indeed. The main Protagonists of the novel are three friends Ronke, Simi, and Boo, each having her own flaw. Then, there is a fourth character Isobel. The story paints the right picture that ‘three is a company, four is a crowd’. The peaceful friendship that existed between Ronke, Simi, and Boo became messed up when they allowed Isobel into their lives. Isobel forced herself into their friendship and cashed in on each of the friend’s peculiarities to foster trouble and ruin their peaceful relationship.

According to the story, the three friends had left Nigeria for London at various ages of their lives. They held different views and had varying feelings about their Nigerian heritage. There are deep and relatable issues about family life, self-discovery and prejudice. The book revealed how little things matter in African culture and how expectations can greatly influence how we live our lives.

Possible Spoilers

There are some reviewers who feel that the writer tried to say so much in one book. These reviewers are also of the opinion that some characters were introduced into the story without telling exactly who they really are. There are other groups that think that some comments in the story needed to be elaborated so that the reader fully understands. To this opinion, some readers argue that any attempt by the writer to elaborate those comments will overshadow the main story Some others believe that explaining those statements would come to non-African people as an instruction on how to relate with an African or a Nigerian, which does not sound quite right.


There is so much information about Nigeria, Nigerian cuisine, dressing and way of thinking. ‘Wahala’ is a story filled with tension and diversity. The suspense in the story keeps you hooked to the very end. It is worth the read.You can find the book here. Read similar book and movie reviews here.

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