Advancing the Leather Conversation in Nigeria with the Lagos Leather Fair Accelerator Program in Partnership with Wema Bank

The biggest leather fair in West Africa, Lagos Leather Fair, LLF, in its commitment to improving creativity, collaboration, and commitment in the Leather industry introduces the LLF Accelerator Program in partnership with Wema Bank. The program aims at empowering and propelling the growth of emerging leatherwork entrepreneurs. This is a comprehensive platform that aims to foster innovation, business development, and industry by awarding up to one million naira in equity-free funding at the conclusion of the program.

Lagos Leather Fair Wema Bank

Through the six-week Accelerator program, emerging leather brands will access resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities from the first week of May to the middle of June.  The program will conclude with the “Pitch-A-Leather-Biz” session at the Lagos Leather Fair 2024 event where the top ten finalists would be pitching their businesses to a four-person investor panel. The ten finalists is also given exhibition spaces to showcase their products at the Lagos Leather Fair providing visibility to their businesses. 

The Accelerator program is part of Lagos Leather Fair’s initiatives to give a necessary boost to the Leather Industry by empowering Leather businesses with the skill set to step into the future of global leather making. The training will focus on various aspects of the industry such as Branding and Marketing Strategies; Scaling and Sustainability; Essential Leatherworking Skills and building capabilities that improve understanding of supply chain mechanics. It will also help participants adopt more sustainable practices, enhance their profitability and competitive advantage, as well as build internationally recognized brands within the leather market. 

Lagos Leather Fair is a vibrant and inspiring showcase of Nigeria’s rich leather craftsmanship. With its dynamic exhibitions, interactive conversations and workshops, captivating runway shows, the fair serves as a platform for fostering creativity, innovation, and economic growth within the leather industry. The fair provides a space for designers to connect, share ideas, and learn new skills, and it also provides a platform for buyers and retailers to discover new brands and products.
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