Meet The Goofy And Unconventional Lifestyle Blogger, Model And Digital Content Creator Sofiyat Ibrahim

Sofiyat Ibrahim_RedEdit Magazine
source: Instagram

Sofiyat Ibrahim is a 23-year-old Nigerian blogger, model, content creator, and a graduate student. Odditty, popularly known on Instagram, has redefined beauty and self-love with her unique looks, certainly making us the odd ones super proud.

Odditty has created her platform on Instagram as an outlet for her to build a community for women to feel confident, inspired, and to celebrate uniqueness and imperfections truly, while also having fun with their originality.  

She has an infectious smile that captivates her followers. Always full of positive energy with just enough humor for everyone. 

We also love her self confidence. A video of her recently went viral and even ended up on the popular blog “theshaderoom.” The video was about black women embracing their body no matter what, to wear their bikinis and slay without worrying about the black bits(black armpits) and above all, to throw off comments about lightening certain parts of their body.

Sofiyat started creating content in March 2017 and has since been blogging for three years. Sofiyat equally just earned her masters in International Affairs in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Her space feels fun, uptempo, and genuine. Being able to capture people at that moment when they need upliftment is essential, especially at this time. She enjoys engaging and being that connect or people to find laughter.

Odditty reminds us that you can be cool and smart at the same time. 

Bagging your dream career and also be the best fun version of yourself accordingly.

Who says you can’t be unconventional and cool? 

To join the Oddity community catch up with Sofi via Instagram and Twitter

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