Healthy And Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

There’s no arguing that kids need to spend time outdoors interacting with other people and most importantly nature. The benefit of this interaction is endless, it ranges from building the child’s confidence, to teaching them responsibility, it helps them think, expands their imagination and creativity, amongst other benefits.

However with the COVID-19 period we are in; this interaction has been cut off in many places due to safety reasons. Also, schools are closed which means more work for the parents and guardians. You see how dealing with kids may be difficult as the lock-down period has been badly extended. Don’t fret anymore, we are here to help you with some healthy and fun activities which you can coordinate for your kids during the lock-down period. If your kids are home schooled as well, this would help.

1) Charades!

This game is an absolute fave! It helps test the kid’s memory and also makes them learn more. There’s a lot of apps with charades for kids. You can supervise the kids while doing this, or you can take a break, and watch them do it themselves. Truthfully you can take a rest during this period too if you’ve had a tiring day. 

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2) Treasure Hunt:

This would be a busy one and it would keep their spirits up as we know kids love to run around. For safety purposes, it would make sense to restrict the hunt to certain areas of the house or a certain room. It won’t make sense if your kid goes to the kitchen and turns the cooker over looking for a treasure. You know how adventurous kids are, it’s not impossible.

3) Musical Chairs:

Another major fave. Not only would the kids have fun, but it pushes their spirit of competition. The side to it is that if your kids are bitter losers and they lose, you’ll have the bitterness to deal with. But a little chocolate and consolation kiss should hopefully make the bitterness go away.

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4) Study Games:

Things like identifying numbers, shapes, colors, animals, etc. However, keep it fun while studying. This is a great game for younger kids especially from 2 and above.

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5) Hide and Seek:

Kids love this game! But restrict it to a room or certain areas of the house. The goal is safety always.

6) Board Games:

If your kids are older; playing, chess, scrabble, amongst other healthy board games is a terrific idea. They would learn more, and this helps them improve their minds and how they strategize.

7) Dress Up:

Your kids could play dress up for fun! Allow them to create a fashion show, theater show or musical concert, this is a fun and exciting way to relax and also opens you all to a world of talent you knew or didn’t know existed.

Don’t forget to teach your kids the importance of sanitizing, staying indoors, keeping neat, and generally staying safe this period. They need to be alive to play these games.

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