To Shave or Not: Arguments For and Against Pubic Hair

Tonight’s the night. You’ve got your hair done, your mani-pedi looks divine and he’s texted you to confirm if you’re still on. Showtime is only a couple of hours away so you’ve got just enough time to shower, exfoliate, lotion, dress, and put some makeup on. Now, you’re wondering whether to shave your pubic hair.

‘Is it really necessary,’ you wonder as you check out your sparse/grown bush. 

Is shaving your pubic hair really necessary? Is it even healthy? Is a hairless pubis really sexier?

Keep reading to get the unbiased answers you really need. 

Should You Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Okay, a smoothly shaved vulva feels awesome. It also has a pretty good visual effect because the pubic triangle is so obvious. But if we’re being honest there are some cons to shaving down there. To make your choice of grooming easier, we’ve decided to divide this into a simple pros and cons list.

Arguments Against

What are some of the reasons why people, especially women shave their pubic hair? We asked a few people and scoped the internet for some answers. The reasons we found can basically be categorized into four:

  • I shave because it looks good
  • I shave because I think a bare crotch is sexy
  • I shave so that my pubic area doesn’t smell
  • I shave because my pubic hair catches in the zipper of my pants

All of these reasons (except that last, awkward one) all boil down to personal choice. You shave because you want to. This reason isn’t as frivolous as it sounds. After all, the majority of human choices are made solely because we want something.

However, there is no scientific evidence that says your pubic hair is guaranteed to smell. It may be a little…fragrant after a really hot day because your pubic area does have sweat glands. But this can be taken care of with a quick shower.

There is evidence to show that partner preference is a huge factor in people’s decision to shave their pubic hair. The results of a 2015 study made it clear that men were more likely to prefer partners with shaved genitals. 

Arguments For

Contrary to public opinion, there are several scientifically backed benefits of pubic hair. First of all, your pubic hair may actually protect you in two ways. It can help you cushion the impact when you’re doing the bump and grind. Your pubic skin is fragile, you know. 

It also helps catch bacteria that might cause infection. It basically serves the same purpose as your lashes; keeping bad stuff away from the inside.

Having pubic hair could also keep your genitals warm, but that’s not really a factor when Buhari’s Nigeria is hot year-round.

Common Pubic Hair Stereotypes

  • Don’t shave that hair o! It will grow faster o!

Raise your hand if you read that in your mom’s or auntie’s voice. This was such a common phrase in our youths that some of us actually still believe it. But yeah, this was such a huge lie. 

Your hair grows at the same speed no matter how often you cut it. If you’re hairy and you like your hair neatly groomed, of course, you’re going to have to mow the lawn more often than your sparsely-haired friend. How fast your hair grows depends on your genes, your nutrition, and the Lord God and there’s not a razor on earth that can change that.

  • Growing your pubic hair will make you smell.

Hahaha, no. Unless you actually have poor hygiene habits, your pubic hair shouldn’t smell. There’s also the chance that you might have an infection so if your pubes smell even though you regularly bathe and wash well, you might need to see a specialist.

  • A large bush traps germs and makes it easier to catch infections and STDs

As we’ve already explained, this is a lie, darlings. Feel free to educate the next person you hear say this. You might shock them but at least you’ll stop them from ruining someone else’s self-esteem with this untruth.

Final Thoughts

To shave or not to shave? 

We hope that you’ve been able to make a decision on what to do with your pubes after hearing these facts. Whatever your decision, make sure it’s one that you’re completely happy with. After all, the only person that you have to live with forever is yourself.

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