Top Reality TV Shows Fashionistas Must Watch

We are all suckers for a good show about fashion and beauty. This read would outline reality shows which you can watch, and would be essential to a fashion lover. In no particular order, these reality shows are:

1) Skin Decision (Before and After):

If you have ever wondered where the Kardashians would most likely go-to for their beauty needs, watch this show. This show focuses on the confidence of feeling good, and the boosts it gives to one’s self. 

2) Next in Fashion

Wonder what trends are topping the chat in fashion? Wonder who could be the next big thing in fashion design, then this is the reality show to watch. It doesn’t just show you these designers competing, but it keeps you up to date with the pressure of fashion design.

3) Glow Up:

Makeup Artists, fall in line immediately. If you love the thrills of shoots, beauty, then this is absolutely the show you should be watching. There’s just one question for you, why haven’t you watched it yet? 

Source: Netflix

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