Things They Lost By Okwiri Oduor – A Review

Things they lost is one of the novels that you have to read word-for-word. It captures different depths of imagination and demands that you immerse yourself in the story if you want to truly appreciate it.

This is the story of a 12-year-old girl who sees into her country’s past. Living in a mystical Kenyan town/village where many things are magical, Ayosa the 12-year-old communicates with both good and evil ‘creatures’. There are the spirits of her grandmothers. 

This novel reveals the deep effects of human relationships, especially between mothers and their daughters. We see how important we can be to each other and the things we neglect in our daily relationships. ‘Things they lost’ unravels the effects of broken promises, neglect and high expectations.

 From the beginning to the end of the novel, Oduor strikes a perfect balance between being whimsical and satirical. It is a story of what humans, families and nations can lose given certain conditions. 


Although the novel sounds ominous, its details are presented in compelling humorous tones. The clear advice we get from ‘things they lost’ is that we can correct the things we are doing presently. We have the opportunity to create a better future by avoiding the mistakes of the past. It matters that something happened in the past, but what matters the most is what we are doing today and what future we eventually create. 

“Things They Lost” – What might we do to create the kind of world we desire if the drama of the past were played black to us, exactly as it happened?


You can get the book on Goodreads or Amazon. More reviews can also be found here. Keep reading for more on books and reviews.

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