These Black Beauty Bloggers Should Be On Your Watchlist

Dimma Umeh_Red Edit Magazine

These beauty bloggers have created a large and loyal following by consistently updating their blogs and providing expert beauty tips.

So if you’re looking for a black woman to review a product or show you how to make your skin glow, we have curated a list of 5 black beauty bloggers that should be on your watchlist.

In no particular order, here’s 5 black beauty bloggers that you should totally subscribe to.

1. Dimma Umeh

Beauty Blogger Dimma Umeh_Red Edit Magazine

Dimma Umeh is a Nigerian fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger living in Lagos. Her blog will give you an insight into her life as a Nigerian while she shares some of her favorite things, beauty tips, travel, and lifestyle.




2. Ronke Raji

Beauty Blogger Ronke Raji_Red Edit Magazine

Ronke Raji is a Nigerian DMV based Beauty/ Lifestyle Influencer & Makeup enthusiast. On her blog, you will find content curated to share her uncensored self, most specifically her experiences as a mom, wife, and a beauty blogger.

3. Jackie Aina

Beauty Blogger Jackie Aina_Red Edit Magazine

Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American beauty blogger. With a platform dedicated to advocating for the visibility of people of color in the cosmetic industry, her motto is “changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time”.

Instagram –


Blog –

4. Chizi Duru

Chizi Duru_Red Edit Magazine

Chizi Duru is a NYC based Nigerian lifestyle, travel and beauty blogger. A 4c hair advocate, you can find 4c hair tips on her YouTube amongst other fun content.

Instagram –

YouTube –

5. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang_Red Edit Magazine

Nyma Tang is a Sudanese beauty blogger and activist against discrimination based on skin color. On her Youtube series ‘The Darkest Shade’, you will find Nyma Tang highlighting the under-representation of deeper skin tones in the beauty industry.

Instagram –

YouTube –

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